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Grand Reset Event for all players.

First one who will get 1 Grand Reset will win 15.000 FileCity Coins

2. Place win 10.000 FileCity Coins

3. Place win 5000 FileCity Coins

Added on : 20 / Sep / 2018 , 04:05 PM

Version: Season 9 Episode 3

Experience: x1000

Drop: 50%

Event Experience: x1200

Max Master Level: 100 - 3 Points For Level

Max Stats: 32k

Zen Drop: Medium

Free 10kk Money For Start

In-game Cash Shop X

Reconnect System

Auto Party System

Happy Hour Bonus Exp

Balanced PVP ,And PvpM Balance For all classes


Web Info

Reset From: 400 Level

Max Resets: 200

First Reset Cost: 3kk (x2 system)

Vote system and many more

Reset reward system

Vip System

Grand Reset From: 200 Resets (Reward 15k Filecity Coins)

Max Grand Reset: 50




Added on : 17 / Sep / 2018 , 03:56 PM
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Currently this is only one server.